PT. Internusa Persada Elektrik

Helon BDM-12 IV Series explosion-proof cable gland

1. It is made of copper or stainless steel, the surface of copper is nickel-plated;2. Cable is sealed with double-sealing ring;
3. It`s convenient to install, safe and reliable, good protection performance. etc;4. Suitable for clamping and fastening various kinds of armored cables.
5. Ex mark: Ex dⅡ C Gb/Ex eⅡ C Gb/Ex tD A 20 IP66;
6. Protection grade: IP66.

Outline and Installation Dimensions


1 . Nut
2. Sealing ring
3 . Entry connector
4. Sealing ring
5. Middle connector
6. Circle taper sleeve
7. Cover
8. Faster nut
9. Washer
10. Armored cable

Note: The NPT threads are not equipped with sealing gaskets and lock nuts.